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flogger n : a torturer who flogs or scourges (especially an official whose duty is to whip offenders) [syn: scourger]

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  1. One who flogs.

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A flogger (from the verb to flog) can be:
  • An owner of a Fotolog;
  • A disciplinarian who flogs, i.e. administers a flogging as a physical punishment, or in BDSM;
  • A multi-tongue whipping implement specially made to use for such fetish and/or erotic BDSM flogging, usually of the cat o' nine tails -, scourge- or martinet-type, and often so called, but often made more decorative (e.g. colourful) and sometimes in less cruel materials than tough leather, such as soft-fibred cord; a miniature version for male genitorture is called ball whip
  • It is also the name for a model of fighter aircraft, the Mikoyan MiG 23 'flogger' and its later version the Mikoyan MiG-27 'Flogger'
  • The name of a software library, the Flogger - a Free Logger.
  • Flogger: a new fashion originated in Argentina, which has grown in popularity principally by the Fotolog web site. Emerged from the glam fashion, it has become very popular among young people, to become it as a craze. The style is principally composed by a tight jeans or joggings on males and females alike, t-shirts broads, fluorescent colors, canvas sneakers or skate shoes, long fringe brushed to one side of the face or over one eye, straight hair and horn-rimmed glasses.
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